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SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands Compared

There are many reviews of Worldwide Brands and Salehoo online, as they are both popular products.  However, in this Worldwide Brands review I'm going to talk about what WWB is and then compare it to the top rated alternative on the market at the moment: Salehoo.

Worldwide Brands is a directory of suppliers (manufacturers, wholesalers and drop shippers), all of which have been fully certified and researched by the World Wide Brands vetting team.

From these suppliers (there are about 9,000 of them in total across all countries) there are more than 15 million products listed to search through.  It's quite easy to find what you're looking for at trade prices – just search for the product you are interested in re-selling and a list of suppliers that have this product in their inventory will come up.  You then contact each one and deal with them directly.

Worldwide Brands was founded in 1999, by former eBay trader Chris Malta – and it's the only directory that eBay has officially certified as a partner.

Salehoo is very similar to Worldwide Brands, but it's product database is smaller at only 1.7 million products and they are not fully endorsed by eBay – although Salehoo is also a great option.

The main selling points of Salehoo are that it's initially cheaper at $67 compared to $300 for WWB, and that they are a relatively new and young company with a global outlook.

I firmly believe though that Worldwide Brands is still the best directory of suppliers.

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