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The Importance Of Blotting When Carpet Cleaning For Your Home

If you've ever spilled something on your carpet, you know just how stressful it can be. The immediate rush to the kitchen to grab paper towels can fluster you into forgetting the basics of carpet cleaning. It's important to remember to keep your cool and blot the stain as opposed to rubbing it in. There are many reasons this is a necessity. First, when you blot the stain it soaks into the towel better. Secondly, when you blot, you don't push the material deeper into the carpet fibers. Rubbing the stain will allow it to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and make it impossible to have removed without calling a professional carpet cleaner.

When you blot up the stain it's vital that you start from the outside edge and work your way back into the center of the stain. This will ensure that you don't spread the stain even further out than it already is. Most people think they should start at the center of the stain as that is where most of the stain build up is at. Always remember to approach your stain from the inside out. By keeping your cool and remembering these helpful tips, you'll be sure to keep your carpet looking like new all year round.

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